Thursday, 18 April 2013

Dear Internet,

I really need somewhere to vent and this is as good a place as any. My ID has just been rejected and I'm feeling all meltdown-y and I can't stop crying and shaking at the sheer injustice of it. I am the oldest in my friendship group and that is including some who look about twelve. Yet I am the only one to have my ID rejected and questioned on a regular basis.

What is it about me? The guy at the bar (a right snappy bastard, by the by) said that it's "company policy" to reject citizenship cards, despite the fact the ID is offical and Home-Office approved. What a load of utter bullshit. I'm so angry and it took me all of my strength to get all the way home without bursting into tears in front of my friends. Not only is it horrible for me, but for two of them it was meant to be their birthday drinks and I bloody ruined it for them and now I feel so awful. It was so embarrassing. I've been to that pub twice before and never had my ID been rejected.

I could feel a meltdown coming on all day and now it's finally here and I just hate it. I feel like utter shit and I can't do anything about it and my mum's out so I don't have anyone to talk to and I just feel like such I life failure.


From Sarah.

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